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We are here to Scuba Dive in Dalyan (aquarium) and Tarzan Bay and share this excitement👍🤿🤿🤿

*  We pick you up from your accommodation at 08:50 in the morning and reach our diving boat after a 15-minute journey.

* Our boat starts sailing from the port at 09:30 after all our guests arrive on the boat.

* After a 1 hour journey, we reach our first dive point, Dalyan  i.e. aquarium bay. We start our first dive in groups of 10 pomegranates at a depth of 6 meters. We can swim in the sea.

* After everyone's first dive is completed, we have our lunch and set off for our second dive point, Tarzan Bay. After a 20-minute journey, we reach our bay. 

* We start our second dive of 8 meters for 25 minutes. Our videos and pictures are taken underwater, and after everyone has finished their second dive, our return journey starts at around 18:00. After a 1 hour journey, we arrive at the port. 

Spend a day diving with us to have a different and perfect day and to get rid of the ordinary.🤿🤿🤿

  • suntan cream

  • Swimwear - towel

  • Sea slippers or shoes

  • Sunglasses

  • Some money for personal expenses

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