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Rafting, with boats called raft, flow rate
a river made in high rivers
is a sport. The main thing in rafting is inside
by shoveling without overturning the shelf you are on
Steering rocks and obstacles
to pass through. Rafting, 4 to 6
done in teams of people and successfully
to be one who acts as one body
It's about being a team. The purpose of activity-oriented rafting is to race against time and get the boat.
not to overturn, on the contrary, to enjoy the enthusiastic track and to feel the adrenaline as much as possible. The rafting course of Dalaman Çay is 9 km long and very entertaining.
high adrenaline, between the mountains
adorned with pine forests, 8 large and
It is a track with an enjoyable drop point.
Managed by a professional team
very easily in the activity
You can do rafting and feel great excitement. It is obligatory to use some protective equipment for rafting, which can be done both for international competitions and as a recreational activity. In addition to basic equipment such as boats and oars specially produced against lacerations and punctures, life jackets and helmets are used for the safety of the team.
All free to you by our team.
will be given.
your towel, sunscreen, sea shoes
and bring your shorts/swimsuit-bikini.

  • suntan cream

  • Swimwear - towel

  • Sea slippers or shoes

  • Some money for personal expenses

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